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     The native citizen of Kerch Pyotr Petrovich Kyrrejev was born on January 9th, 1952 in the family of the workers. School, sports, metallurgical technical college, army, family... His life was typical: fairly successful, fairly gifted, and fairly happy. And still, in contradiction to his friends, since his early childhood Pyotr did not play with the purchased toys - he did them manually. He showed no interest in passive rest, he has always been inventing something. At the age of 13 he brought outdoors a run by legs child's scooter that 20 years later was named a skateboard. At 17 he got a first higher degree in gymnastics, and stood up for the honor of his college, town, and the Crimea. Pyotr has got an experience in techniques. When he was 22 he made a speedboat by that time being the fastest at the coast; by 24 he mastered art foundry, forging, caulking and continued to go in for sports; that time it was scuba diving. lie was a Komsomol organizer of the plant's workshop, then Party organizer and several times he was elected as a member of town Executive Committee.Since my early childhood his hands fascinated me. Their movements have always been precise, swift, with no fuss. In a word, no matter whatever he touched everything turned to be perfect and working.Those who knew Pyotr that time were attracted by his inner beauty and power; people liked and like him now.
      30 YEARS AGO Pyotr HAD TWO WAYS TO CHOOSE: to become a helpless invalid or to die quickly.
      He chose the third way - he started to live hastily.At the age of 30 when Pyotr was raising a 6-year son and 2-month daughter, when everything seemed to be so successful, when he dreamt of his future and future of his children, doctors diagnosed: "Myopathy Sharko-Mary", for average people meaning the sheer atrophy of muscles. This disease is so rear and insufficiently explored that our contemporary physicians did not have a chance to study how to treat it. Mr. Onassis - a famous Greek multimillionaire - suffered from the same ailment, and was ready to give all money he had to the luminaries of medicine for cure, but they were not able even to ease his sufferings. When 30 Pyotr understood that he was doomed and that by 35 he would not be able to walk and by 40 - to lift a cup of tea to drink. He had only two ways to choose, indeed. No one but people who once got into the same trouble (that we usually call "doom") could understand how he found the third way.
      A disease is always a bad trouble. An incurable disease is a cruel and unfair trouble. Pyotr makes no complaints against his fate; he is hurry to live and fights for each day he lives.Working at the plant as an adjuster, he addressed to professors and academicians to get their medical advice and treatment. Starting from April he used to put on his waterproof suit and aqualungs, and dive. He tried not to miss a single day of hunting, invented and made universal devices to work at home, while he never believed his disease would reach his hands, which were considered to be "golden". At that period of his life he did not fall to thinking about painting.
      Any sick-man even if he is at his deathbed hopes for some miracle. Pyotr hoped for an off chance. He could accept his legs to be motionless, being so naive to think that his fate will not be so cruel to bereave him of his hands. Soon the hardest moment of his life has come: his hands became too weak to hold anything; he could not feel fingers any more. And that time he took a pen; he began to make some sketches of the landscape he liked. Later he began to try to paint in oils.Pyotr is painting sea, nature - surroundings that we stopped to mention in our every day life. His life perception has become sharper and more sensitive, while fate was unfair to him. The Pyotr's ability to wonder at the most usual things and phenomena has been growing from year to year.This ability is one of the majoring feelings that could be sensed when watching at his works. The Pyotr's inner power and beauty astonishing me since childhood became very apparent at the beginning of his development as an artist. He never consulted with professional artists; he wanted to reach everything without anybody's assistance. He painted everything he wanted and added his special perception. It took him several months to catch "air", "wind", and "smell of the sea". His only teacher Pyotr considered to be Aivazovskiy, whose works he studied within many months.
      On November 4th, 1999 the opening of the first exhibition of the artist Pyotr Kyrrejev took place in the Kerch Art Gallery. It was dedicated to the centenary anniversary of the "Kerch Metallurgical Plant" named after Voikov. Pyotr dedicated it to the plant not because of the fact that his parents and he worked at the plant, but for the reason that 10 years ago when Pyotr became an invalid of the 1st group having no right to work, Ms chief managers took a decision: "Pyotr will work until he himself decide to leave". His co-workers equipped his office with furniture and telephone. People at the plant not just respected him - they loved him. Even when he was not able to move his chief picked upjob. This lasted for 4 years. Soon there came a time of struggle for each working place, the chiefs of the workshop tried to have the young people work, and even at that time his co-workers decided that Pyotr had to work. And this was not about salary. His friends knew that up to his last day Pyotr had to be among people. And up till now the plant does not leave Pyotr alone with his trouble.The first exhibition helped Pyotr to overcome his timidity of the amateur artist and to make up his mind to show the pictures in public.Till recently his pictures were shown only to close relatives and friends. The exhibition got social response. People come to see the exhibition for several times, they bring their friends, children. Coming across the Pyotr's fate and his works, people stop, turn back to look at their lives and try to make some corrections while they just met an example of courage.The beauty, given to people by the artist Pyotr Kyrrejev does not give them the right to call him an invalid and to pity. He expects and finds understanding and sympathy.
     And die last thing ...
     Here you can see some of the pictures of Pyotr Kyrrejev.
      Watching them, try to imagine that practically motionless hands painted them. The Pyotr's works are very clear, each centimeter at the canvas is written accurately and scrupulously. Each centimeter at his canvas is lifelike. Though each movement makes his fingers, hands and whole body vibrate. In order to make an accurate line or even a spot, he has to hold his breath for a moment.Try to imagine how these incredible efforts from dab to dab are giving birth to what you can see now. Try to imagine and understand how a man must love life to create the beauty reproduced from the memory of the artist.
      How long will he be able to paint? Pyotr does not know that. But, no doubt, he will not give up until he is ALIVE!!! 

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