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     I hope that painters, artists, journalists, philosophers psychologists - all men of art and those having creative nature will be able to associate with each other at our "guestbook". I invite everybody, for whom the art is what they are touching. Even if it is their fate.
And I also hope:

1. To find a sponsor to provide living and further creative activity of the painter.
2. To find financially solvent people who would deem it possible to support the artist.
3. To find more information about the disease named "Myopathy Sharko-Mary". We hope that new methods of treatment will stop further development of this illness.
4. To find people, who have the opportunity of helping me to meet mister Stephen Hawking, the professor of physics of Cambridge University, who suffers the same grave disease and is actively fighting it.
5. To find leading American or European dealers in paintings.
6. To find the art-agent for whom money is not the end in itself, even is not the means but just the unit of measurement.

Rambler's Top100